Sweet Home 3D

One type of hobby I have is fooling around with CAD programs. I was using SketchUp for a while, but got busy with other things. I recently tried to reinstall it and found out it wasn't free any more. I looked around and found Sweet Home 3D, (http://www.sweethome3d.com) which is, for me, a lot easier to use.


Very quickly done with some mistakes showing, and using just the furniture and textures that came with the original program.

A little more attention to detail with this one. Loaded the program with as many choices for furniture and textures as I could, although I didn't overload this one with furniture.

I've always wanted my own dedicated Home Theatre room. I'm not showing many electronics here, but you can add gaming systems, video systems, computers, or whatever else can be hooked to a TV or projector.

Things aren't always what they seem.

I downloaded some house floor plans, so I turned some into 3D plans, with alterations. Picture this house backing onto an ocean. The roof offers a sheltered photographer's gazebo, while the rest of the roof can be for entertaining friends and family.

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